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Introducing: WeeBee Learning

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

As many of you know, the journey to starting my own Digital Learning Company is something that I've been working toward for many years. While maintaining a full-time position in the field of eLearning, I've worked nights and weekends to develop a brand and client base in preparation for this next chapter in my career.

It is with great excitement that I'm finally able to share with you: WeeBee Learning. WeeBee Learning operates 100% remotely and is dedicated to building creative and high-quality eLearning and blended learning solutions. At WeeBee, we believe that learning should be easy to digest, easy to access, and easy to apply.

For me, this moment is not without gratitude. A particular thanks to my wonderful wife, who has always encouraged me to invest in myself at every turn. Perhaps most notably, when I came to her with the decision to leave my full-time position, during a pandemic, just after our son was born. You're the best, good lookin'.

Here's to the next chapter! #weebeelearning

All the Best, Megan

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